I would firstly like to apologise for being so late with this page but Retha and I decided to take a well-deserved break earlier this month and that is why this one is extremely late. With this pandemic now, it can be very frustrating working at home every day and not interacting with other people as would normally happen. So, we decided to take a week at Sun City and just relax and I must say I can recommend that we all take a break sometime. Just a week will make the world of difference.

February is generally known as the month of love due to Valentine’s day and I certainly hope that all the loved ones did something special with each other over that period. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, several golf days have been washed away recently and with all the copious amounts of rain we have had several trees uprooted and fallen over. This gives the green keeping staff an amazing amount of extra work and we would like to thank all our playing members for their patience while we go through this period of cleaning up these fallen trees. I think we are almost averaging a tree a week. Also, with all this rain the staff have not been able to cut the rough and it has been a nightmare of note. Just recently the cutters have been able to get into the rough and it is starting to get a lot easier and accessible. It must be remembered though, that Derek and his team cannot just go into the rough and cut it down to one level, it must be cut bit by bit until the desired level is reached. So please be patient, we know it is frustrating and slows down play, but I promise it is not someone with a masochistic sense of humour, it is nature playing havoc with us.


An incredibly sad day. On the 13th of January Bruce Franklin passed away at the age of 74 years. Bruce was an icon of Krugersdorp Golf Club. If you needed to know anything about our golf course you could approach Bruce. And I mean anything, from the finances to the position of certain water pumps on the course. Bruce was born on the 15 August 1946 and would have been 75 this year. He married Dale in 1968 and at the time of his death they would have been married for 52 years, a lifetime. Bruce was an avid golfer and served the club extremely well in numerous positions. Even just before his passing the current committee were still tapping his brain for information and ideas on how to improve the club. Bruce was also a loyal Manchester United fan and he and I would have long enjoyable chats over a beer or two about our two football teams. I will miss you stacks buddy and I know all our members will miss you not being at the club. Our condolences go out to all the members of the family as well.

Mixed Open

Please note that the Ladies Section are arranging a Mixed Open competition on Sunday the 28th of February and if you are quick enough you could still squeeze a tee time in. Contact the club or Michelle Edwards to check if there is a time available. Hope to see you all there, it is normally lots of fun and there are normally particularly good prizes. There will be live music on the day and Rusty will have a few specials on the day as well.

Club Championships

The Ladies champs will be held on the weekend of the 6th and 7th March and the entry form is on the notice board at the club. You can also message Retha White if you wish to enter.

The men are scheduled to play their championships on the weekend of the 13th and 14th March. A, B and C division will be played on the same weekend with A and B division playing medal and the C division playing stableford. The entry forms are also on the notice board or you can contact the club to enter.

Play well guys and girls and have lots of fun.


The draw for the Ladies singles and doubles knockout have been made as well as the mixed pairs knockout. The draw is on the notice board and is also available on this website. Let us try to stick to the designated dates for the matches. Good luck.

The lists for the men’s single and doubles knockouts are at reception with Alicia, so you can either enter there or contact Alicia at the club.

Happy birthday to all the members who celebrated their birthdays during February, hope you all had an awesome day.

Birthday First Name Surname Gender Number Age
01.02.1965 Grant Fraser M 642 56
01.02.1965 Stef Grobbelaar M 135 56
01.02.1969 Cheryl Bronkhorst F 990023 52
01.02.1977 Henry Kapp M 991225 44
01.02.1987 Brett Van Blerk M 991691 34
02.02.1942 Roland Scott M 385 79
02.02.1963 Frank Poulter M 990092 58
02.02.1993 Lynette Fourie F 990155 28
03.02.1942 Wilhelm Van Heerden M 2210 79
03.02.1949 Rolf Redelinghuys M 991720 72
03.02.1962 Jo-anne Roberts F 991178 59
04.02.1943 Johan Claassens M 990805 78
04.02.1986 Chris Hattingh M 991594 35
06.02.1974 Jaco Vosloo M 3058 47
06.02.1993 Jaco Terblanche M 991769 28
06.02.1996 Divan Coetzee M 991636 25
07.02.1949 George Koch-Maag M 991698 72
07.02.1995 Jesse McFarlane M 991740 26
07.02.1996 Devon Thomson M 2713 25
07.02.2006 Paul Hamman M 991707 15
08.02.1927 Henriette Gordon F 539 94
08.02.1951 Monty Beyneveldt M 991806 70
09.02.1970 Romeo Vassen M 990473 51
09.02.1977 Samuel Mosehle M 990291 44
10.02.1954 Hans Badenhorst M 991447 67
10.02.1969 Frans Els M 991228 52
10.02.1990 Daniel Dreyer M 2022 31
11.02.1947 Leon Kruger M 1564 74
11.02.1970 Faizel Jeena M 991813 51
12.02.1978 Rudi O’Kelly M 991621 43
12.02.1979 Donald Fraser M 991593 42
12.02.1985 Marnus Van Den Berg M 1429 36
13.02.1945 Beryl Mansfield F 2547 76
13.02.1951 Rolf Frobus M 991611 70
13.02.1952 Jan Van Der Ven M 991777 69
13.02.1978 Francois Botha M 991717 43
14.02.1946 Ben Pieterse M 991094 75
14.02.1972 Rudolph Van Tonder M 991631 49
15.02.1948 Tom Van Eeden M 444 73
15.02.1963 Arnold Botha M 771 58
15.02.1963 Johannes Potgieter M 991723 58
15.02.1973 Pieter De La Rey M 1328 48
15.02.1978 Nico Matthee M 2287 43
15.02.1983 Duncan Pienaar M 990456 38
16.02.1953 Ella Weber F 1976 68
16.02.1963 Stephen Rossiter M 1142 58
16.02.1967 Drienkie Van Doorne F 991678 54
17.02.1947 Liz Liversage F 597 74
17.02.1963 George Nickola M 2597 58
18.02.1954 Mo Lombard M 244 67
18.02.1982 Jacqueline Tucker F 990412 39
19.02.1948 Ralph Jackson F 990382 73
22.02.1967 Tersia De Koker F 990505 54
23.02.1945 Walter Du Triou M 991200 76
23.02.1953 Petrus Jansen Van Vuuren M 991727 68
23.02.1963 Pieter Bouwer M 50 58
23.02.1966 Stewart McMillan M 2942 55
24.02.1939 Derrick Thomas M 1587 82
24.02.1943 Ron Thomson M 2221 78
24.02.1971 Ryno Fourie M 991572 50
24.02.2005 Luca Rugani M 991706 16
25.02.1947 Tourle Dick M 991024 74
26.02.1970 Andre Janse Van Vuuren M 991565 51
26.02.2007 Ryan Moodley M 991715 14
27.02.1950 Barnie De Clerk M 991705 71
27.02.1950 Paddy Smith F 1973 71
27.02.1953 Pierre Van Der Westhuizen F 991768 68
27.02.1972 Dirk Maritz M 991193 49
28.02.1957 Leon Combrinck M 1653 64
28.02.1964 Charlie Sekgaile M 991153 57
28.02.1967 Danie Roets M 572 54
29.02.1948 Schalk Breytenbach M 991088 73

Ok, fellow golfers, have an awesome month and play well during club champs.

Keep well and stay safe.