Howsit fellow members, this month we are only going to have a very short note because our club’s monthly scramble will be published soon. July has started out a little warmer than last month and we can see it in the numbers around the course as well.

Quite a few changes have been made to the course and the general comment among the members is that it is definitely a move in the right direction. The bunkers are looking a lot better. Once the sand has settled, they will also be playing a lot better. A lot of cleaning up has also taken place around the course and looking so much better. Well done to the greenkeeping staff and management.

It was so funny on Friday evening at Captain’s Draw when the live entertainment started to unpack and set up their equipment. They are two elderly looking gentleman and we thought what had we done and let ourselves in for here. Anyway, once they started playing it was amazing. The atmosphere immediately picked up and we had a jawl of note with a number of the guests kuiering until 01:30 Saturday morning. No names mentioned. Looking forward to the next draw on the 29th July.

This month we are going to have the Vrouens vs Ouens on the 23rd and the draw should come out by Thursday 14th so keep an eye out for the mails to inform you of your opponents and tee times. Don’t forget we will be having pizzas after the game for supper.


Some of our league sides are doing very well while others are struggling a bit. Our men’s handicap league side has to win both of their last two games to ensure that they remain in the B Division. We are holding thumbs guys. All the other league sides are seeming to be doing enough to stay in their respective leagues and with a bit of luck maybe even win their leagues. The respective league positions may be found on the League tab on this website.

Happy birthday to all our members who celebrate their birthdays during the month of July. Hope you all have an awesome day.

Birthday First Name Surname Number
1st Gavin Hutchinson 1279
Kobie Riley 991518
2nd Alan Ingham 990694
Tony Parau 991107
Don Robertson 357
3rd George Wentzel 119
Peet Reyneke 991883
Jared Shaw 991980
Peet Reyneke 991883
4th Joseph Warby 812
Stephen Swanepoel 991026
5th Shabier Ally 991969
6th Trevor Fritz 3209
Johannes Muller 990339
Jano De Beer 991596
7th Peter Smith 3038
9th Lionel Smith 393
10th Willem Ackerman 1358
Marko Janse Van Rensburg 992049
13th Sello Mahlabya 2766
14th Jan Lotz 990784
15th Cassim Vawda 990159
Ivor Van Bart 990280
Charles Venables 2922
16th Udo Mohr 990284
17th Tiaan Du Plooy 991934
18th Gert Olivier 311
Tom Gouws 990161
Arno Zweep 1195
19th Belinda Gouws 990236
20th Hanno De Beer 991597
21st Wikus De Sousa 992006
Carissa Le Roux 992028
Cornelia Swanepoel 991827
Wian Storm 991906
22nd Shaun Carter 146
Pierre Jansen Van Vuuren 991227
Zain Labuschagne 991649
23rd Rudi Pretorius 991958
24th Deon Bredenkamp 787
Ian Scott 1133
25th Eileen Burke 2449
Joubert Strauss 2145
Adrianus Opthof 991801
Pieter Ferreira 991746
26th Gerhard Coetzer 991993
Aiden Tarr 991759
28th Willem Neale 301086
Dick Van Rensburg 991709
Vissie Visser 992037
29th Meryl Erasmus 991142
Francois Du Toit 991963
Paul De Waal 991765
Vincent Scott 991876
At Hattingh 991908
30th Ian Carmichael 1091
Yogesh Permaul 991920

Hope you have an awesome month and good luck to all the knockout participants.

Gregg White