Well, winter is definitely here. The last few days have been absolutely freezing and even I had to resort to wearing long pants. The wind chill factor also took the temperature down at least three degrees. At least the weekend coming up looks a bit better and we should not be too cold.

In spite of the weather our course is still in excellent condition, and thanks must go out to the greenkeeping staff for doing a magnificent job. You would have noticed that a number of the bunkers have received a makeover and are looking much better. The sand that has been added is a bit fluffy, but this will subside very soon and then our bunkers will be good to play out of again. Our worst bunker on the course is definitely the bunker on the left-hand side of the fifteenth and I have heard through the grapevine that Calvin and Johan are considering making that a grass bunker. I have also heard of one or two other small changes that will be done to the course so keep an eye open for these. Thanks, guys, for always giving us a course to be proud of here on the West Rand.

The men’s changerooms have also been renovated and are certainly looking marvelous. Well done guys, great work. Apparently now the ladies also want to upgrade their changerooms to look similar to the men’s.

We have decided to have some fun in the afternoon field and have a Vrouens vs Ouens next month. This will take place on the 23rd July and one of our members from the afternoon field has generously offered to sponsor a pizza for each fourball after the game in the pub. So, we will have two ladies taking on two men in a betterball competition and the winner will get two points, one point for a draw and nil for a loss. The ladies’ pairings will be collected by Ilse Van Zyl and the men’s pairings must please be given to Brian Cornelissen. I will do the draw and bookings for the day. May the best lady/man win.

Gareth Farinha was flying over the course a couple of days ago and took some pics which I thought I would share with you all. Thanks buddy.


With only two league games left for our Ladies Weekday side they are lying second and stand a good chance of winning the league. Keep it up girls, you are doing an excellent job.

Our Ladies Sunday League side are struggling a bit, but I am sure they pull a rabbit out of the hat and finish with a bang.

The Scratch League side played their first game last Sunday and managed to beat Houghton 8-0 even though Houghton only managed to pitch with 5 players. Still well done and start off the season on top of the log.

The Midam A side is third on the league after five games and only two points separate them from the side on top. The B side is lying joint third and it seems as if the competition is very strong in that league. Keep it up guys and make us proud.

The men’s Handicap league side are still struggling to find that elusive first win but maybe it will happen this month against Randpark. At the moment we are still avoiding relegation and I am sure we will stay in the B Division.

Father’s Day

Don’t forget Father’s Day this month. Happy Father’s Day to all our father members out there.

Happy birthday to all our members who celebrate their birthday during June, hope you have an awesome day.

Birthday First Name Surname Number
1st Franco Alberts 991835
Cheryl James 991092
Alieda Zweep 2386
2nd Rina Durandt 991693
Jean Lelong 991692
3rd David Essey 118
4th Anton Roos 991589
Johan Grobler Grobler 992031
Nolan Smit 991620
5th Bradley Gibson 991695
Jeffrey Sack (Jnr) 369
John Syme 2815
6th Martinus Barnard 991923
Basil Collins 67
Gerard Moodley 991714
8th Mohamed Laher 991970
Jayden Van Der Merwe 991847
Hannes Nortje 991741
9th Colin Leach 2346
Tersia Wessels 759
10th Raymund Van Heerden 992013
11th Gerbrand Rust 991749
Ryan Beyers 991764
Loraine Smit 2160
12th Cornelius Van Der Merwe 2691
13th Basil Proctor 991212
Jeff Sauls 991606
14th James Cronin 711
Handi Engelbrecht 992030
Alwyn Hollenbach 991750
Louis Louw 991716
Carel Van Heerden 991797
15th AJ Kruger 113
Johan Pieterse 990368
16th J Irvine 186
Ivo Rugani 2788
Ollie Webb 1215
17th Liam Davy 991436
Deedee Wentzel 2837
18th Pierre Blignaut 834
Niel Joubert 991444
Lenivasen Moodley 990475
21st Larry Friedman 138
22nd Phillip De Beer 3120
Gary Diepraam 2751
Willem Dirker 990946
Simon Du Plooy 3170
Michelle Edwards 458
Michelle Irvine 2973
23rd James Mclaren 990701
Fred Viljoen 991729
Paul Vorster 410
24th Corne Engelbrecht 991842
25th Juandre Bezuidenhout 991433
Jan Horak 990139
26th Gavin Stewart 417
Belinda Van Aarde 990611
Shaun Whiteside 559
27th Pieter De Koker 991068
Ed Hoffman 649
Dylan Vrnjas 991964
Henry O’dell 277
28th Jenny Donald 2607
29th Peter Combrink 267

See you all on our fairways.

Gregg White
Club Captain