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Captains Corner – May 2020


Hi there, I am back. It’s been a while and I do apologise for staying away so long. I had a slight health problem which kept me busy for a couple of months and then this idiot virus stepped in and is keeping us busy at the moment.

I hope you are all keeping well and safe during the lockdown and really getting to know your partner much better than you ever would have expected. If you do have children, I do sympathise with you because to keep them busy must be a major job. Well done and keep up the good work.

I would like to bring you all up to speed with what is happening at the club at the moment. We were granted permission to keep a skeleton staff at the club to do general maintenance on the course and we are forever grateful to these guys for keeping the course in a great condition. Our appreciation must go out to Danus, Derek, Johann, Ruan & Darin for their amazing efforts at maintaining the course. The result of this is that when we are informed that we may reopen most of the course would be in a playable condition. As soon as we do hear that we can open we will definitely let all of you members know immediately. Simply cannot wait. See the photos below to see what an amazing job these guys are doing for us.

Obviously, when we do open for games again a certain number of changes are going to be imminent. Competition golf will be something of the past for quite a while, only casual golf will be played. Also, there will be no raking in the bunkers and local rules will apply here as also with regard to the ball entering the hole. These will be spelt out by the club management as soon as we do open.

The closure due to this COVID-19 has resulted in the club losing a significant amount of income and the committee has had to scratch their heads to come up with a number of initiatives to generate extra income for the club to keep us going. Please see these initiatives below:


We are introducing two different types of vouchers which will be available for purchase and will be valid until 31st January 2021:

  • R2,000 voucher which purchases 10 tickets redeemable for a round of golf or cart purchase anytime/any day
  • R1,600 voucher which purchases 10 tickets redeemable for a round of golf or cart purchase during all off-peak times. Pensioners will be allowed to purchase this voucher and redeem the tickets during peak times as well.

To purchase these vouchers kindly deposit the money into the Clubs bank account:

Standard Bank
Key West Branch
Branch Code 015841
Account Number 021351821
Reference: Your Name -Voucher

Once payment has been made Derek will allocate the voucher in your name which may then be collected directly from him.

First Tee Off Auction

  • We are auctioning off the first tee off time for a two ball which will include green fees and carts to the highest bidder. They will then be the first two ball to experience playing on our magnificent golf course again since commencement of the lockdown
  • SMS your bid directly to Derek at 082 337 1828
  • The bids will close next week Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 16h00.

Captains Draw/Raffle

As social gatherings will be very restricted for the foreseeable future, we will be holding a raffle/draw on every Captains Draw night.
The first draw will be on 29th May 2020 and will be run as follows:

  • The first draw will be on 29th May 2020 at 17h00
  • The prize money for the first draw will be R5,000
  • A ticket can be purchased at a cost of R100
  • Once payment has been made you will be added to a WhatsApp group and an invitation will be sent to you to view the draw via the Zoom app.

To purchase a ticket kindly deposit the money into the Clubs bank account:

Standard Bank
Key West Branch
Branch Code 015841
Account Number 021351821
Reference: Your Name -Captains Draw.

Lockdown Green Fee Donations

The response from our members has been absolutely amazing. To date we have collected R30,310 from members who voluntarily continue to contribute to green fees. This initiative will continue until the lockdown ends and anybody wishing to join this initiative is more than welcome. We sincerely thank all members who have voluntarily contributed to the Lock-down Green fees donation fund.

To make a donation kindly deposit the money into the Clubs bank account:

Standard Bank
Key West Branch
Branch Code 015841
Account Number 021351821
Reference: Your Name -Lockdown

Hole in One-Rusty

Rusty has opened for deliveries and your support would be greatly appreciated.

  • Call 071 156 9807 to place your order
  • Trading hours 10h00-18h00
  • Free delivery within a 5km radius. If delivery is outside the radius a 10% delivery fee will be charged.

I certainly hope that this sheds more light on the subject of the future of our club. I cannot wait to see all of you on the course again. We really miss you all.
If you require further information please feel free to contact the course management or members of the committee.

Stay safe and keep well.

Captain’s Corner – September 2019

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has arrived and true to its nature the first weekend of spring was perhaps the coldest weekend of the year, but a lot of golfers will still tell you that it is still better to play golf than to go shopping.

Ruan De Smidt is having a good run now and we hope he keeps it up. In his last couple of tournaments, he has achieved the following results:

Services – 1st
ERPM – 8th
Wingate – 2nd
Krugersdorp – 1st

Now he is lying 6th on the road to the Sunshine Tour and out of the top six he has played the least number of tournaments. You GO lad.

The IGT Tournament is making a return to our club on the 21st October so if you are at a loose end during that week, make a turn at the club and see how the other half play our course.

The last weekend in August was a very significant weekend at our club with the club weekend being run over this period. The weekend started with the meat competition on the Friday afternoon, the prizes were sponsored by Frank Poulter. Thanks, a stack Frank, let’s hope this tradition carries on. Captain’s draw was held on Friday evening. This was extremely well attended with Mark Beling providing the entertainment until late into the night. Unfortunately, the jackpot was not won on the evening and is now carried over to the following draw. The jackpot is now standing at R25000.


See you at our next Captain’s draw – 27th September.

The Saturday morning field was fully booked and everyone one had a wonderful time. The crafts market and tea garden were also well attended and enjoyed by all.

The festivities carried on through the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning field.

The club weekend was well supported by the club members and the feeling is that it be held on a more regular basis.

A Beerfest is planned for the near future so watch the press and please support the committee.

Krugersdorp League Sides:

Junior League:
Unfortunately, our juniors did not feature too well in the league, but it is always encouraging to see them out on the course.

Mid Am League:
Our Mid Am team have finished very well and have managed to finish second in the league which will earn them promotion to the A Division next season. Well done guys.

Scratch League A Side:
Our scratch league A side play in the C Division and are still on top of the league with two games to go, let’s hope they can maintain their position and earn promotion to the B Division.

Scratch League B Side:
Our scratch league B side competes in the D Division and should be able to keep their position in the middle of the table.

Ladies Sunday League:
Our ladies Sunday league have managed to finish second in their league and have played very well during the season losing some games by very small margins most of the time.

Several changes have happened at the club and we hope that all you members have noticed them and that you like them. Most of the feedback received regarding the new colour scheme of the club has been very positive and we wish the committee all the best for the future and hope that they can raise our club to the heights that it deserves.

Our ladies section held their spring day on Saturday the 7th September and lots of fun was had by all. Every fourball had to dress for the occasion and one of the best that I managed to see were the girls below.

Before I go, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to the TeeTotallers. These are a group of golfers who play at our club every Sunday morning and without them our Sunday morning would be rather empty. Every Sunday you will see these “purple people eaters” playing at our club, normally at least four to six fourballs. They are run by the brother and sister duo of Greg Douglas and Michelle Edwards, thanks a stack guys and girls and let’s hope that you feature forever.

Below a few TT’s enjoying a drink after their game.

September Birthday Wishes:

Happy birthday to all our members who celebrate their birthdays during the month of September.

Mr Len Richardson 1st
Mr Gerhard Naude 1st
Mr Albert Walter Voigt 1st
Mr Martin Thomas 1st
Mr Miles Griffiths 1st
Mr Edwin Hite 2nd
Mr David Milton 4th
Mr Kevin Riemer 4th
Mr Mike Harper 5th
Mr Thabo Alpheaus Ngwana 6th
Mr Michael Roberts 6th
Mr Pieter Viljoen 6th
Mr Brian Jacobs 6th
Mr Jorge Manuel Simoes 7th
Mr Herman De Koker 7th
Mr Merrick Wiliam Douglas 8th
Mr Gordon Kent 8th
Mr Pieter Willem Van Eeden 8th
Mr Gerry Monaghan 8th
Mr Willem Stolz 8th
Mr Jason Rossiter 8th
Mr Carel Opperman 8th
Miss Noelene Koertzen 9th
Mr Darrell Bradley 9th
Mr Mark Richards 9th
Mr Dale Matthew Walker 10th
Mr Wouter Niemann 10th
Mr Pieter Van Zittert 11th
Mrs Pam Koertzen 11th
Mr Andrew Zandberg 11th
Mr Louis Daniel Jooste 12th
Mr Darin De Smidt 12th
Mr Ryan Williscroft 12th
Mr Otto Wouda 12th
Mr Za Eem Dinat 12th
Mr Sam Hamer 13th
Mr Eric Seiderer 13th
Mr Kyle Morgan Edwards 13th
Mr William Edmund Beechey 13th
Mrs C D Banfield 14th
Mr Bazil Richardson 15th
Mr Johann Andreas Malherbe 15th
Mr Conrad Ferreira 15th
Mr Michael Ford 15th
Mr Ruan Dreyer 16th
Mrs Janin Ferreira 16th
Mr Fanie Kotze 16th
Mr Simon Diale 16th
Mr Izak Jacob Greeff 17th
Mr John Runciman 17th
Mr Gareth Farinha 17th
Mr Dieter Erasmus 18th
Mrs Leone Brandt 18th
Mr Willie Van Schalkwyk 18th
Mr Jacques Kumm 18th
Mr Gavin Cherrington 19th
Mr Andre Nel 20th
Mr Riaan Crafford 20th
Mr Andrew Green 20th
Mrs Ida-may Jansen Van Vuuren 20th
Mr Johan Hendrik Teessen 20th
Mr Tertius Janse Van Rensburg 21st
Mr Ralph Alistair Leach 21st
Mr Brad Cron 21st
Mr Abdool Hamid Akoojee 22nd
Mr Jan Frederik Cilliers 23rd
Mr Chris Joubert 23rd
Mr Jaco Roets 23rd
Mr Neil Van Noort 23rd
Mr Johannes Bosch 24th
Mr Daniel Jacobus Harmse 24th
Mr Johnathan Theron 24th
Mr Reinhard Nothnagel 25th
Miss Elaine Crewe 25th
Mr Craig Robertson 27th
Mrs Nqobile Mazibuko 27th
Mr Roger Perzl 27th
Mr Keith Whitehead 27th
Mr James Nightingale 28th
Mr Peter Clive Gilbert 28th
Mr Johan Divan Brand 30th
Mr Marthinus Philippus Prinsloo 30th
Mr Michael Turetz 30th
Mr Dane Poulter 30th

Committee Member

Captain’s Corner – August 2019

The Ruan De Smidt Show

That is the only way it can be explained. The IGT tournament was held at Krugersdorp Golf Club from Monday 5th August to Wednesday 7th August and there was only one player in the tournament from start to finish. Ruan De Smidt from Krugersdorp Golf Club showed the rest of the field how to play in a tournament when you have home ground advantage. He won the tournament by thirteen shots, what an achievement. Jason Rositter also had a sterling performance finishing third.

Another major achievement that happened in our club this month was the fantastic generosity of the members to donate cans of food to the Ladies section. These cans of food were then donated to various organisations in our area. Well done ladies and to all the members who contributed to this project. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

A club weekend is being planned at our club for the last weekend in August. The weekend will start with Captains draw on Friday 30th at 18:00, with the jackpot standing on R22500. Mark Beling will once again be providing the entertainment and Rusty will be selling braai packs on the evening. On the Saturday and Sunday there will be club competitions on all three club times, in other words, morning and afternoon fields. There will be an extra charge per person and all the funds raised will be used to purchase furniture for the new family section at the club. There will also be jumping castles and play areas for the children. So, bring your family around and let’s all have fun at our club.

On Saturday 21st September there will be a Spring Championships at the club. It will be a whole day competition and we encourage all members to enter this innovation.

Anybody notice something funny about this poster. The fact that there is no club logo and it says the new logo will go here. Also did you notice the logo at the top of this newsletter. This is going to be the new logo of the club. The idea is that the new logo will inject a new energy into the club and that this will eventually encourage new members to come join us and for our current members to start bringing their families to the club. See the new logo below. So, keep your eyes and ears open for the new rebranding of the club which is going to be happening soon.

League Sides

Men’s Handicap League

Unfortunately, our men’s handicap league side were not able to win their last game of the season against Dainfern which would have given them a chance to stay in the A division so they will be relegated to the B division next season.

Junior League

Mid-Am League

Scratch League A Side

Scratch League B Side

Ladies Sunday League

Finally, are our birthday children this month, the 18th being the most popular day, happy birthday to all who celebrate this month.

Membership Nr Title Name Surname Date
000350 Mr Jacques Carlette Petrie 2nd
991452 Mr Jaco Janse Van Rensburg 2nd
990146 Miss Bridgitte Mathews 3rd
990623 Mr Danie Van Der Westhuizen 4th
000533 Mrs Dale Melody Franklin 5th
000858 Dr Albert Venter 5th
991091 Mr Colin Harris 5th
990853 Mr Franco Roets 5th
991025 Mr Jan-hendrik Grobler 6th
000365 Mr Christopher Ruperti 7th
001252 Mr J M Thomas 7th
000015 Mr Israel Bulafkin 8th
990717 Mrs Karin Bekker 8th
000710 Mr Reagen Kok 9th
990177 Mr Sadique Jina 9th
002310 Mr Fredrick Blom 9th
001409 Mr Athol Tintinger 10th
003008 Mrs Jennifer Albrecht 10th
000825 Mr Willie Joko 10th
000270 Mr George Kay Whyte Mc Guckin 11th
000185 Mr Rocky Warby 11th
990674 Mr Greg Santana 12th
301061 Mrs Brigitte Zanner 12th
000875 Mr Eliot Nama 12th
990742 Mr Jan Bronkhorst 12th
991199 Mr George Viljoen 13th
000197 Mr Stan Johnson 13th
003092 Mr Lourens Marthinus Brink 14th
002055 Mr Rob Kelbrick 15th
000956 Mr Walter Glen Watson 15th
000131 Mr Bruce Norman Franklin 15th
003131 Mr Frank Robert Pascoe 16th
990162 Mr Gerrit Gouws 16th
991603 Mr Marius Johan Bruwer 16th
000142 Mr Johan Smit 17th
001405 Mr Mark Krog 18th
990265 Mr Goolam Casoojee 18th
990457 Mrs Clasina Erasmus 18th
990518 Mr Jj Chilcott 18th
000946 Mr E G Hoffman 18th
990469 Mr Jacques Van Staden 18th
991223 Mr Alec Pilipp Brink 18th
991064 Mr Trevor Pillay 19th
000844 Mr Pieter Swart 19th
991028 Mr Johan Benade 19th
001693 Mr Hugo Oosthuizen 19th
000529 Mrs T Farish 19th
991616 Mr Gerald Hunter 20th
990352 Mr Doug Bolt 20th
001496 Mr Wayne Hayward Wickham 21st
990919 Mr Jaco Kriel 21st
002664 Mrs Elaine Matheson 21st
990096 Mr Roan Steenekamp 22nd
990341 Mr Hermanus Albertus Scheepers 22nd
990094 Mr Daniel Joubert 22nd
001036 Mr Raymond Schutte 23rd
000626 Mr Anton Marais 23rd
000337 Mr Barry Pratt 24th
001060 Mr Williem Oosthuizen 24th
990299 Mr Gawie Van Der Westhuizen 24th
990435 Mr Johann Van Loggerenberg 25th
990423 Mr Louis Van Loggerenberg 25th
990589 Mr Devon Cornelissen 25th
991615 Mr Stephan Clegg 26th
991610 Mr Nico Pretorius 26th
000288 Mr Brian Moore 26th
990296 Mr Willem Wentzel 26th
990811 Mr Alan Underwood 28th
990700 Mr Henry Keylock 28th
000058 Mr Andre Smit 29th
991073 Mr Adriaan Du Plessis 29th
000701 Mr Craig Rowlings 29th
002854 Mr Stephen Hartman 30th
990961 Mr Ap Van Der Merwe 30th
990648 Mr Gavin Levin 30th
991136 Mr Gavin Amos 30th

Committee Member

For COVID-19 updates, visit the official government website