Krugersdorp Golf Club
As approved at the 2020 A.G.M.


Objectives of the Club 3
Rules of the Krugersdorp Golf Club 4
Membership 4

Life Members 4
Full Members 4.
Pension Members 4
Honorary Members 4
Other Membership Categories 4

Criteria for Membership of the Club 4

Nominations for Membership 4
Elections (approval) of Members 5
Resignation of Members 5
Suspension & Expulsion 5
Composition of Committee 5
Nomination of Committee Members 5
Election of the Committee 6
Lady Members 6
Powers of the Committee 6
Committee Meetings 6
Retirement of Committee 6
Entrance Fees & Subscriptions 6
Liability for Entrance Fees & Subscriptions 7
Right of Admission, Reciprocity & Indemnity 7

Meetings 7

Annual General Meetings 7
Special General Meetings 7
Notice of Meetings 7
Adjournment of Meetings 7
Voting at Meetings 7
Complaints 7
Address of Members 8

Rules of Golf 8

The Constitution 8

Interpretation of Rules 8

Standing Order Book / Minute Register 8


1. The name of the club is “Krugersdorp Golf Club”

2. The objectives of the Club are:

2.1 to maintain and conduct a Golf Club for the accommodation of members and their guests as well as promoting the game of golf by participating in social and competitive activities.

2.2 to affiliate with other associations, Club’s and persons to enhance the quality of its membership.

2.3 to manage, improve, cultivate and maintain all or any part of the land, buildings or facilities of the Club by:

2.3.1 owning all assets of the Club,

2.3.2 to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise any other land near the golf course to advance or benefit the interests either indirectly or directly.

2.3.3 to purchase, hire, lease and provide and maintain items as required or which can be conveniently used in connection with the grounds or the clubhouse or other premises utilized by the Club or dispose of same in the interest of the Club.

2.3.4 to hire and employ persons considered necessary for the purpose of the Club and to pay them salaries, wages, gratuities, and pensions in return for services rendered.

2.3.5 to provide facilities such as food and beverages on the premises in accordance with the local authority’s requirements and by laws as well as to apply and renew licenses relevant hereto.

2.3.5. a No benefit from the sale of liquor or any assets of the Club shall accrue to any member of the Club.

2.3.6 to provide a pro shop facility.

2.3.7 to obtain all forms of insurance of the property, assets, employees and other interests of the Club against loss or any claim of any kind.

2.3.8 to levy charges for the use of the Club’s premises and grounds.

2.3.9 to borrow or raise relevant funding to facilitate the effective running of the Club.

2.4 The management and control of the Club shall be vested in a committee constituted, elected and empowered in accordance with the rules passed in general meetings from time to time.

2.5 The liability of members is limited to the extent of their unpaid subscriptions imposed from time to time in accordance with the rules and any other monies owed to the Club.

2.6 The members of the Club shall be the present members thereof and such other as may from time to time be admitted or elected in accordance with the rules of the Club.

2.7 The Club may sue or be sued in its own name and all written contracts shall be signed and executed on behalf of the Club by the President of the Club authorized thereto by resolution of the committee.

2.8 Upon the liquidation of the Club, any surplus remaining after payment of the Club’s liabilities, including the expense of the liquidation, shall be divided between that last Full, Life, Honorary (per item and Pensioners (who were ordinary members prior to obtaining pensioner status), members categories in good standing and without liability, at the date of liquidation in proportion to their period of membership.


3. Membership

The classes of membership are as follows:

3.1.1 Life Members, being those previously elected as Life Members and those who shall thereafter be elected at Annual General Meetings of Members in recognition of special services and who are entitled to all the privileges of the Club without payment of annual subscription, provided that the number of Life Members shall at no time exceed twelve. Such member shall have voting right and will be allowed to stand for Committee.

3.1.2 Full Members, being all members not falling under any other class of membership as contained in paragraph 3.1.5 will enjoy full membership status of the Club. Such member will have a voting right and be allowed to stand for Committee.

3.1.3 Pension Members, being those members who qualify for pension status in terms of the Club’s standing orders. Such member shall have a voting right and will be allowed to stand for Committee.

3.1.4 Honorary Members Being those invited by the Committee by reason of their distinguished status. They shall be exempt from payment of all Club subscription fees. Such members shall be entitled to all the Club privileges but will not be allowed to vote at any meetings of members nor be entitled to serve on the Committee. Those members who have completed 50 year’s membership of the Club will receive Honorary Membership for life and will be exempt of all subscription fees. Such member will be allowed to vote at any meeting of the members of the Club and will be entitled to serve on the Committee. Only members who have been active members of the Club will qualify for this privilege and if a member has been a Country member, Social member and/or Leave of absence member during this period the duration thereof shall be excluded from the computation of the 50 year period.

3.1.5 Other Membership Categories, provision is made for other categories of membership. These categories of membership will be recorded in the Club’s standing orders. The Committee will from time to time review and amend such categories of membership should it be deemed necessary.

Four Day Member, Lady Member, Country Member, Leave of Absence Member,
Junior Member Social Member,
Juvenile Member Professional Member,
Temporary Member, Development Member,

Such member will not have a voting right nor be allowed to stand for Committee.

3.2 Criteria for Membership of the Club

3.2.1 The Committee shall be empowered in its discretion to close and open, from time to time, the list of applicants for all classes of membership. It shall further be empowered to institute a waiting list on which shall be inscribed the names of all persons applying for membership of the Club. The Committee shall, however, at any given time be entitled to admit members at their discretion, in what they consider to be exceptional circumstances subject always to the provision of Rule 3.1

3.2.2 Nominations for Membership as a member of the Club, with such further details as from time to time be called for by the Committee, shall be delivered to the Secretary in writing, signed by the applicant.

3.2.3 Elections (approval) of Members. The election of applicants for admission into the Club shall be vested in the Committee. No member of the Committee shall propose an applicant for membership of the Club, other than for Honorary Membership. The name of each applicant for election shall be posted on the Club notice board for not less than fourteen days before being submitted to the Committee for acceptance. An applicant may be withdrawn from nomination at any time before his/her name is submitted for acceptance

3.2.4 Resignation of Members. A member desirous of resigning his membership shall tender his resignation in writing to the Committee, who shall accept same providing all amount due by such member to the Club shall have been paid. Members who resign after 28/02 of each year will be liable for full subscription. Members who resign their membership of the Club and afterwards wish to rejoin may be readmitted at the discretion of the Committee.

3.3 Suspension & Expulsion

If in the opinion of the Committee, any member of the Club is guilty of conduct unbefitting a member from the Club, the Committee may, by letter addressed to such member, suspend membership either temporarily or permanently, and such member shall not during the period of suspension be entitled to the privileges of the Golf Course or of entry to the Club’s premises. Such member may, if dissatisfied with the decision of the Committee demand in writing, addressed to the Secretary, (within seven days from the date of such letter of suspension), that the Committee shall convene a special meeting of the members of the Club to be held not later than one month from the date of suspension. The Committee shall thereupon convene a special meeting of members of the Club to be held within such a period.
If the Committee fails to convene such a meeting or if such a meeting does not confirm the suspension, the said member shall be restored with full privileges of membership. If the meeting confirms the suspension, or if the member fails to demand within the time specified above that the Committee shall convene a special meeting of the members of the Club for the purposes aforesaid, the member shall, if suspended permanently, cease to be a member of the Club and his name shall be removed from the list of members.

3.4 Composition of the Committee

3.4.1 The composition of the Committee shall not be less than five nor more than seven members and shall comprise of the following members who shall be elected at a General meeting for a period of not less than two years: President Captain; Finance member; Marketing member; Assets member; Member representative 25 to 40 years old; Member representative 40 to 60 years old.

3.4.2 Members must state in their nomination form which position they wish to be proposed and the candidates for the positions under clause and must be of the same respective age.

3.4.3 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person who it considers will be able to contribute to its deliberations and activities.

3.5 Nomination of Committee Members

3.5.1 The President and Captain must have served a minimum of two years on the committee at any given time. They shall be proposed, seconded and elected by ballot at each Annual General Meeting.

3.5.2 Nominations for all members of the Committee shall be in writing, signed by two members entitled to vote and endorsed by the candidate stating consent to serve if elected. These nominations shall be delivered to the Secretary not later than seven days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Such nominations shall be displayed on the Club’s notice board seven days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. The retiring President, if available, shall be appointed to the new Committee. Any candidate for President, Captain and Finance Manager, if unsuccessful, shall be eligible for election to the Committee.

3.5.3 Any nomination may be delivered electronically via email to the Club’s email address.

3.6 Election of the Committee

3.6.1 In the event of there being more than one candidate for President, Captain or Finance Manager an election shall be by ballot of members present and eligible to vote.

3.6.2 In the event of more than four being nominated for election to the four seats on the Committee, the election shall be by ballot of the members present and eligible to vote. Votes cast for more than four candidates to the Committee on a ballot sheet shall be invalid.

3.6.3 In the event of there not being a sufficient number of candidates nominated, those nominated shall be declared duly elected by the Chairman of the Meeting, and the Committee can fill the remaining vacancies as required.

3.6.4 If two or more candidates obtain an equal number of votes, the Committee shall select by ballot, the candidate or candidates who are to be members of the Committee.

3.7 Lady Members

Who are not entitled to vote at General Meetings of Members shall form a Ladies Section. There shall be a Committee consisting of Lady Members elected annually at a General Meeting of Lady Members. This Committee shall draw up by-laws for its section, such by-laws and amendments must be approved by the Club Committee before becoming operative and be recorded in the Club’s standing orders.

3.8 Powers of the Committee

3.8.1 The Committee, in addition to the powers specially conferred upon them, shall have control of the finances of the Club, power to engage, control and dismiss Club employees, and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the objectives of the Club in accordance with these rules. The Committee may delegate any of its powers to a Sub-Committee for any purpose of the Club. The President and Captain shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees.

3.9 Committee Meetings

The Committee shall meet at least six times in each term of office. Fourteen days’ notice shall be given for all meetings of the Committee, unless all members of the Committee agree to accept shorter notice. At all meetings of the Committee four members shall form a quorum. Any elected member of the Committee absenting himself without leave for more than three consecutive meetings, of which due notice has been given, shall cease to be a member of the Committee provided that such three meetings were not held within less than thirty days. The Secretary, on the instruction of the Chairman, or on a written request of at least three members of the Committee, shall convene a Committee meeting. The President shall be the Chairman of the Committee. In the event of his non-attendance at a meeting, the Captain will Chair the meeting and should they both be absent those present shall elect a Chairman from among their number to preside at the meeting. Any Committee member who for any reason applies for leave of absence, such casual vacancy on the Committee may be filled by the Committee. The Committee shall cause proper accounts to be kept and tabled at each meeting.

3.10 Retirement of the Committee

The President and Captain shall retire after their second year in office but shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall remain in power until a new Committee is elected.

3.11 Entrance Fee & Subscriptions

The Committee shall determine from time to time the entrance fees payable and annual subscription fees.

3.11.1 The Committee may at its discretion waive such entrance fees and subscription in respect to any applicant for membership

3.11.2 All fees are to be posted on the notice board and recorded in the Club’s standing orders.

3.11.3 All annual subscriptions shall be paid annually or in advance or pro-rated by arrangement through the year as determined in the Club’s standing orders.

3.11.4 Liability for Entrance Fees and Subscriptions:

a. Those members who have not paid annual subscription, locker rental or any other fees due on or before 28 February of each year, or have failed to sign the necessary debit order as required by Management to arrange payment on such fees, shall cease to be a member of the Club with immediate effect and shall not be allowed privileges of the course or the Clubhouse, nor be eligible to vote in any meeting or election of members, or to participate in any competition whatsoever.

b. Management will be entitled to block such defaulting member’s SAGA card with immediate effect and it will remain as such until the defaulting member arranges payment of all amounts due. The Committee may reinstate any defaulter in its sole discretion on good cause should it be necessary for legal action to be taken against a member for non-payment of any fee the member shall be liable for the costs thereof on attorney and client scale.

3.12 Right of Admission, Reciprocity and Indemnity

3.12.1 The Club reserves the right of admission and such notice to be displayed at the main entrance and Club House entrance.

3.12.2 Indemnity, any person entering the property of the Golf Club do so at their own risk and hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Club and/or its Management, Sponsors and Promoters against all or any loss including medical and legal costs for damage to properties, persons or injury that may be incurred or sustained, however so arising.

3.13 Meeting

3.13.1 Annual General Meeting, the Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held no later than 15 April each year, at a time and place fixed by the Committee. At such meeting the Committee shall submit their annual report and a clear statement of the affairs of the Club, made up to 31st January, immediately preceding and certified by the Auditor. These Financial Statements to be made available seven days before the Meeting. Twenty members (entitled to vote and personally present) shall form a quorum. Any memer desirous of moving any resolution at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing, no less than seven days before the date of such meeting.

3.13.2 Special General Meeting, a special general meeting of the members of the Club may be called by the Committee at any time, and shall be called on requisition to the Secretary, signed by at least twenty members entitled to vote, stating precisely the business proposed to be discussed at such special meeting. Twenty members with voting rights and personally present, shall form a quorum at a special general meeting and only business proposed shall be discussed.

3.13.3 Notice of Meeting, a minimum of twenty one calendar days’ notice of all general meetings of the Club shall be given via a circular addressed to each member. A copy of such circular shall be posted on the Club notice board for twenty one days before the meeting.

3.13.4 Adjournment of Meetings, if within ten minutes from the time appointed for any general meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting, if convened by a Requisition, shall be cancelled, but in any other case shall be adjournedfor thirty minutes and reconvened at the same place and the persons present at the reconvened meeting shall then constitute a quorum.

3.13.5 Voting at Meetings, all questions brought before the general or special meeting shall be decided by the vote of the majority of members entitled to vote present and voting thereupon, except as otherwise provided in these rules.

3.14 Complaints

All complaints or suggestions shall be made in writing to the Secretary, who shall submit them to the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final. In no case shall an employee of the Club be reprimanded directly by a member.

3.15 A Register of members and the following Addresses shall be kept:

3.15.1 A physical address which also serves as a chosen domicilium citandi et executandi in respect of any legal action taken by the Club against a member.

3.15. A postal and/or email address to which all notices may be sent. All notices sent via a postal address shall be deemed to have been received by the member within seven days after posting by the Club and a notice sent via email shall be deemed to have been received by the member on the next day as been sent by the Club.

3.16 Rules of Golf

The rules of the game of golf as adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St Andrew’s, except in so far as they are modified by by-laws of the Club, shall govern all games of golf. Every member shall be bound by and submit to the rules and by-laws of the Club.

3.17 Constitutional Amendments or Changes

The Constitution of the Club may only be amended or changed as follows:

3.17.1 Due notice must be given before any meeting in terms of rule 3.13 regarding the proposed amendment or change to be effected as well as full details of such amendment or change.

3.17.2 At such meeting convened in terms of rule 3.13.1 or 3.12.2 a change or amendment shall only be effected if two thirds of the member’s present vote in favour thereof.

3.18 Interpretation of Rules

Should any doubt arise as to the proper interpretation of any of these rules or by-laws of the Club, the matter shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

3.19 Standing Order Book / Minute Register

A standing order book/Minute register shall be kept by the Manager/Secretary or whomsoever the Committee may decide which shall record all pertinent minutes/rules affecting the current administration of the Club as well as register of all assets owned by the Club, these to be recorded in the standing orders and audited annually;

3.19.1 This standing order book shall be tabled at each Committee meeting for update and shall be accessible to all members.